Monday, June 24, 2013

Sea Kayak surfing: paddle hard; match the speed of the wave; thrown down a stern rudder brace; lean in hard against the wave!

Rowan Gloag and Nick Castro show us how. 

Paddle hard and fast to match the speed of the wave. Once you're in the pocket, thrown down a sustained stern rudder brace and stay square on the face of the wave. 

When the wave breaks, lean into the wave, not away! Lean away from the wave and you'll dump pronto!

Note helmet, neoprene spray skirt with grab handle accessible. And note the gloves. Cold water, hot padding!

If things go screwy, don't forget Lull's classic text:
Sea Kayaking Safety and Rescue:
 From Mild to Wild Conditons, the Essential Guide for Beginners Through Experts

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