Monday, July 01, 2013

Kayak Fishing Baits for Striped Bass

Trolling is the easiest way to fish from a sea kayak. In New England, the most popular rig is a tube-and-worm trolled close to shore in shallow water.

The tube-and-worm is simple on one hand, complex on the other. The tube is a length of flexible surgical tubing with a wire run down through its center, a weight on top, and a hook at the business end.

The worm is a whole seaworm, usually purchased by the dozen.

The complexity is in the fishing line. Most anglers use lead-core line to assure that the tube sinks to depths of fifteen feet or more.

The other complexity is the swivel that attaches the lure to the line. The swivel works best if it's a  ball bearing swivel such as those made by Sampo. If you troll a tube without a swivel, the twirling of the tube creates twist in the line, and tangles.

Marvin Tighe, Gloucester, Massachusetts kayak fisherman, demonstrates. Note that Marvin doesn't wear a spray skirt. Never has and probably never will.

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